Importers and Wholesalers of Electronic Accessories, Seven StarŪ is located in the heart of New York City. Since it's Inception in 1987, Seven StarŪ has been a leader in 220 Volt accessories, comprising of Transformers, Voltage Converters, Voltage Regulators, Power Inverters, Adapters, Adapter Plugs.

Transformer Purchase Guide

Remember to leave at least a 100% slack for the transformer. For the TVs, the power surge margin is 5 times the wattage of the TV. Heating appliances, laser printers and power tools spike when you turn them on. For these products you need to buy a transformer that is at least 3 times the items capacity.

Electrical Voltage in USA is 110V whereas, the voltage in most of the foreign countries is 220V to 240 volt. carries a wide range of voltage converter, voltage transformers, voltage regulator and voltage stabilizers ranging from 50 Watts to 20,000 Watts and a variety of AC/DC Converters, inverters and universal plug adapters so you could safely use your appliances bought in one country and use them in another country.

Different needs of people may require them to choose among step up and step down voltage converters. Sevenstar deals in all types of voltage converters and voltage transformers. You can choose among step up/down transformers, 110V to 220V step up power converters, 220V to 110V step down power converters, Japanese voltage transformers, international travel converters, plug Adapters, universal power strips and surge protectors.

You will find great deals and the best wholesale prices at Seven Star..

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